Thursday, January 25, 2007


Bill boards

Well'p We made it through another challenge sort of. I almost was turned into a flamin' zombie.

But besides that I got ta fight , an' that's what I want. Ok I'd rather just kill Vegeta. But Oh well I'll just make the best of a bad situation. Like snappin' the pic fer this billboard.

Not sure why Cyclops, and Angel changed stole monkey man's clothes. And gave him that monstrosity. Maybe that's how they like their men or somethin'. Weird as that was now the country can see Veg Brain's humiliation.

Ya know I kinda like these billboards. Well Not the Pink Wonder there. Chuck don't seem to be too happy with his either. The ones with me are great.

Well ok maybe not the one wit' me Cyke, and Carol, since that pisses off Ana.
But this one is my personal favorite.

Hehe That what Chuck gets fer havin' Scarlet Witch mess wit' my head an' turnin me girlie. Then sendin' me to psychopath Deadpool fer "manliness trainin'." I guess my healin' factor fixed the brain damage or something because one day I just woke up, and as myself, an got even with Deadpool fer abusin' me. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And that bill board shows my vengence on Xavier. Which makes it my favorite. Hehe.

lol i bet you enjoyed it.
Yeah right. Don't be surprised if you get the Yield next week Logan.
Go Logan!
Oh wait...this means Im going to be stabbed in the kneecap by more kids with plastic claws and wolverine masks.
Boulder : yup.

Chuck Maybe next time Eh?

Kid Flash I'd think ya'd be fast enough to get away from these kids. maybe ya need to hang around other kids?
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