Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm the best at somethin' else now .

What's that ya may ask? Well Easy I've finally showed the world one O' my hidden talents. I have unleashed my singin' voice on a unexpecting' world.

I'm pretty sure I'm now gonna be gettin' record contracts or somethin' Well If I can get the time wit' all my superhero work. Don't worry I'll still remember everyone when I'm in Hollywood.

Oh and ya might as well ferget it groupies My girl friend Likes bein' with girls behind my back and not Sharin' the The fun. So No. I'm taken.

Well I'm gonna train my voice. The whole way to the next pitstop.

" Unleashed" is the right word for what you did on that stage. As in unleashing a horrible plauge on the audience.

Also If you sing Iin the Suv I'm tying you up and throwing you in the back with the Cameraman.
I loved it
Well I know how much you like to join teams, Logan. If you like, I can see if I can get you a spot with the Back Street Boys. I hear they might be reforming.
Vegeta : Yer just Jealous

Carol : thanks

Professor X; I ain't girlie enough fer them. That An' I hate pop. music.
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