Tuesday, January 02, 2007


New Avengers disassembled

It looks like The Amazing Mutant Race Is gonna happen good thing too. Since I was goin' to tell CBS How I felt about that Personally. Lucky fer them I don't have too now. Though I have ta team With dumass Vegeta.

I was mugged by a freakin' Dinosaur man in Central Park. Someway I ain't sure of Veg head got the idea I was eatin the thing. Yeah I often tear my own shirt off jump in a pond, an' chow down on a freakin' raw dinosaur man.

Before all o" this mess The New Avengers had a meetin'. The Whole Civil War divided the team an' those divisions are still there. Hell I was surprised Cap didn't jump over the table , an beat the Hell outta Stark.

Here's the basics though Most of us just don't trust Tony, An' we really don't want him on the team. An' Sentry is followin' him around like a lost puppy. So It looks like he'll be gone.

From what I can tell it looks like there will be two teams O' Avengers . Not sure If I'll be on Cap's or not yet. Maybe I'll take a little off my plate an' just stay with the X-men, not sure yet. Well I gotta go or Veg head will never figure out any O' the clues to the race.

What do you expect from freaking Iron Drunk.
You know just tie a bottle of whisky to a piece of string and lead him to busy traffic.
If you're looking for work, I hear the Champions are getting back together.
Seems like you got a lot on your mind, hope everything works out ok.
The Champions Chuck No way!
You teamed with Vegeta?
Are you sane?
*sings loudly*
we are the champions
.....we are the champions
..........no time fer losers , cause
....we are the champions............. of the wooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrlllllllllldddd.
Yeah the deal with Tony sux I mean he only was a advocate for the super- hero secret identity movement for the 60s 70s 80s and all of the 90s, but know he wants to be like, 'oh look at me I'm Iron Man want an autograph!
Robin Probably not

Kid Flash Sure Ya get the String I'll get the beer.

Polar Thanks

Kody Heh , and thanks
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