Friday, January 12, 2007


Workin Wit Vegeta sucks.

I'm beginnin' to think Veg head has narcolepsy. He 's always sleepin' when we're in the car or somethin'. Also when he sleeps he talks like Bulma, or sings show tunes , like her It's flamin' weird. Though I have a sort O' respect for him after I found out he talked his wife into partyin' with Pantha.

Sadly I've gotten used to it. This Last challenge was loads O' fun though. We got ta sale some Lemonade , an I meet up wit some O' my fans. Some O' the chicks are pretty hot.

Then Vegeta got this idea to Kidnap Superman's clone Kon-El After learnin' the boy's name I now know who the big red S is when he's on his off hours Not that I'm really inta blowin'' people's secret id's. Kinda frowned on in this business.

Well unless ya happen ta be Tony Stark that is.

So we take the kid, and use him to distract the soldiers At the next challenge same a bunch O' scientists at The COBRA base. Then Short dumb, and saiyan makes as much noise as possible destroyin' their tanks, and planes.

Then The snakes show up en masse. Good I thought it was time to prove to these producers that When I say I'm the best there is that I ain't lyin'. I think I pretty much prove that.

The problem with these COBRA idiots couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. They ain't really what I'd call marksmen. Ya see just takin' out a bunch O' cannon fodder ain't enough. I gotta fight somone who seems like a danger to show off my skills.

My Healin' Factor can take care of any thing they can dish out so it was a little disappointing . They went down hard. After goin' through some fun interrogatin' with these twins with weird ass powers.

Along the Way I fight this ninja he was tough but just when I was about ta ace, him Vegeta knocks him out by backahnding him.

We find the egg heads. O' Course veg heads wife just has ta be one of em, Because Life hates me. So I get ta watch the two make out fer some time ugh! So Flamin' fun I get ta taste my lunch again ugh!

Yeah I admit I did hit on Bulma. It pisses Vegeta off. But weird thing she hates me. Ya know usually I can smell a little attraction when a babe acts like that toward me probably cause O' the feral mutant Pheremones I send off. They don't seem to work on this girl.

That only usually happens wit'certain types O' other mutants. Huh. It'd explain the hair color, but she has no powers that I can tell. Unless she's gotta Forge thing goin' on.

No matter though I get ta lead the scientists out wow fun . Well it did get fun When I slashed up some red dressed Cobras that actually knew how to shoot. Now that was satisfiyin'.

Un fortuantley I had after Vegeta gets to play the hero I have to drive everyone back . And Monkey boy, and monkey lovin' girl talk about me in Japanese.

" Ya know. I can speak that don't ya."

" We know Rodent. But the camera man does not know what we're saying." Vegeta Smirks.

Bulma flashes an evil smile " What good is insulting you when you can't understand it huh Ugly?"

Yup. I'm gonna kill 'em both one O' these days.

get your mind out of the gutter nothing happened .. right Bulma...
Well you know Logan, Bulma is an alien. You can't expect the usual stuff to work on a girl like that. You have to think outside of the box.
Ana : Yeah Sure Darlin' Pull the other one . I get it yer wild with other people but not yer boy friend.

Chuck ; i don't think she's an alien. Mutant maybe but not an alien unless she was adpoted like Superman.
Not to make matters worse , I know you got women troubles , but I heard through the mutant grapewine that theres a guy Freddy K asking about you?
Im sure that dosent really bother you,cause I know if he wants trouble your the guy to give it to him.
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