Monday, February 05, 2007


Flamin' goofy lil' Bastard!

So Vegeta got stupid, in our last challenge. I had ta keep pullin' him away from things like candy, toys whatever. To my surprise we were the first across the finish line.

The bad news is he's still dumb as a rock. His wife found 'im and took 'im home. Me and Ana ended up in guest rooms , because of the whole race thing. I think I squared things away with the devil kid . Let him know in no uncertain terms he ain't gonna be touchin' Laura.

Ok I beat him up. But the kid got the message , and I ended up smellin' like roasted Logan the rest O' the day.

Sometime today Doc " I'm Pretty " Samson shows up . He said Vegeta's mind gotta over load of G rated goodness or some psycho babble. And it regressed. So I guess I'm gonna have an idiot fer a partner now , well bigger idiot.

Then I notice Bulma walkin' by " So whattya doin?'" I ask.

" Well I was thinking if G rated over load got made him lose his mind maybe X- rated will shock it back."

"Yeah that's gross I'm leavin.'"

Me an' Shi Are stayin' in a hotel until I hear if my race partner is normal fer him any way, or if he' went screamin' inta madness. Hey it's a win win.

His height?
Ohhh...his brain...cause he can't get any smaller.
Hs: yeah whatever kid.

Kid Flash : heh!
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