Monday, February 12, 2007


Laura Laura Laura

After the last challenge, which was to outdrink Volstagg. I dunno know what happened. I woke up in this. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ya know I don't wanna know. Or why I have hair all over my claws. An' Laura's been brought here ta the Flamin' pit stop twice now. First she attacked some Devil chick In fronta everyone in Smallville High. That I don't really care about.

The second time, she was caught tryin' ta seduce devil boy. Now that bothers me some. Vampirella brought 'er to the Pit stop, and gave me all this crap about Laura needin' councilin' whatever.

So I pretty much held my tongue there, no need ' ta spill hero blood if I don't have ta I had enough O' that durin' the Civil War. I turn ta My clone /daughter who's already slipped the cuffs.

" It's your fault that devil bitch is going to seduce him , !" she screams poppin' her claws.

" Ya'd better put those away unless yer gonna use em." I Pop my own That smug idiot Vegeta walks by.

" Trouble at home?" he laughs.

" Shut up I ain't gonna deal with you and this! "

The dork shines up an apple , and begins eatin' it. " Hmph! Don't stop on my account this will be entertaining. "

I block several slashes from her with my claws. There are several times there. I coulda stabbed her and ended this . But I ain't gonna do that. She's the only family I have .

I grab her hands, and she cuts me with that stupid foot claw in the face. I foot sweep her . " Didja get that all outta yer system yet? Ya know Ya can't hurt me fer long, So how a bout ya calm down,eh?"

" Why should I be calm ? Because of your stupid rules HS is going to get it from a she devil!"

" Then he'll be with his own kind Darlin' Besides if he Ain't gonna wait fer ya he's a slime bag who just wanted one thing. "

She starts ravin' at me not in the normal love sick kid kinda way either. More like she was talkin' about some kinda drug she gotta taste for, and needed a hit.

So all that psycho babble crap Vampirella was spewin' about her bad experiences was a cover up fer some knda power or spell That devil kid got. I know what it's like ta be a 16 year old boy, all ya want is a taste O' that sweet sweet lovin'. An' that sick lil' demon did somethin' to my daughter so he could get it.

I call chuck over , and ask 'im to put Laura in One O' the cells at the mansion. The best way to get through is ta go through the withdrawal pains. Unless O' course. Whatever this thing he did ta her isn't undoable.

Oh Wonderful now she's back ta cuttin' herself. Before one O' the X-men drag her off to take her to the cell I turn on the boy "grandfather". " Ok saiyan Yer gonna tell me what your boy did ta my girl an' how ta reverse it Or I'm gonna kill ya slowly."

" He just smirks. " Do not blame the boy because of your bad parenting skills. Or that your kid is a whore." That's it he's dead! Then HS is next ! An' whoever gets in my way!

lol , You woke up in a chicken,perhaps its your feather bed getting revenge on you :)
Why don't you focus all of Laura's anger on a skill, I taught Deathstroke's daughter how to fight. I could teach Laura.
Cool Top ten: I somehow wouldn't doubt it that thing's been after me fer years.

Night wing , Yeah Like I trust you and Laura together.
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