Friday, February 23, 2007


My son, and Carol's dyin'

So I'm at the Skull Island pit stop.. Checkin' out babes in fur bikinis. I get this phonecall.

" Hey 'Dad'" the voice on the other line is my son. He ain't like Laura who's a clone. But a son I actually had with a former wife, She was murdered an' the baby ripped outta her . By the same people who turned me inta a killin' machine.

They made him just like me.

" What do ya want?" I ask.

" Oh nothing really. I just want to say thanks as for the blonde you know the one that's supposed to be having your kid? Well she'sbleeding to death in a Hotel in Dark Town. You can save her if you want, or not I don't really care. Huh."

I'm so pissed at the boy that I didn't notice the "huh." "Hey Old Man." He continues. "Do red eyes run in the family? Maybe this kid is Wonderman's after all. Doesn't matter Weapon X is going have fun , making him one of it's agents. Bye."

I get a Transport , and make it to the part O' West City called Darktown. I'm goin' around blind until I find My boy's scent. DAmn It! He' hidden where he went ta pretty damn well.

I fllow the trail O' blood. to where Carol's bleedin, I Pick 'er up to take her to the hospitol when. Iron Man crashes through the roof.

" My God!Logan! I knew you were angry but this butchery! How could you?"

" Wait Stark! This isn't what it looks like we been set up!"

" PUT HER DOWN!" He shouts.

After I do so. I calmly Try ta talk this out. " Look Bub..." I'm interuppted by a Repulsor Ray in the chest.

Halfway down to the pavement . I hear " S.H.I.E.L.D.! This is Director Stark! I need a med team at my location ASAP! Agent Danvers is hurt bad!"

I don't hear the rest since I hit a fire hydrant head first. After recoverin' I get a punch to the face fer my trouble. In that suit I think he can lift oh about 75 tons or more. Not at The Hulk's punchin' power but still enough ta smart.

Especially. Since I go through a flamin' wall.

" I can't believe I used to defend you to Cap!" He 's still yellin', "Get up! You Savage! Get up! So I can put you back down!"

I try ta get ready ta claw him when I'm blasted by all kinds O' werid rays. I Much As i hate ta admit it I ain't got much O' a chance here. Maybe If I try ta ta lure "im inta traffic with whiskey like Kid Flash is always sayin'? My brain mut be more damaged then I thought since I'm makin' jokes while Iron Man 's beatin, the Hell outta me.

lol .man ur one tough cookie or still a little drunk to make jokes when iron man is putting th pain on you.
Wolvie I hope the best at what you do is getting outta court (legal or illegal).
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