Monday, February 26, 2007


X-23:I'm in Hell

Some imp tricked me. Now I'm in here with Zebra Daddy, connstantly tuanting me. The more I kill him. The more he comes back.What's worse is the soul of my mother, she's asking me "why?" over and over.

After a few days Satan laughs. " My son is coming for you so now, I no longer need you. Seems my brother has a grudge with your father. So Your about to go there . Have fun! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Next thing I know, I blackout, and when I wake up I see this person.

" Hello Laura. I'm an old friend of your father's. You can call me Uncle Mephisto. Well That's kind of ironic given your reation ship with my nephew. He's should know not too reproduce, look at the problems I've had with Blackheart, or Trigon has had with Raven. "

" What do you want monster?" I challenge. " My Soul?"

He guffaws. " Why would I want something you don't have clone girl?"

" That's not true!" I yell.

" Please girl your nothing but a weapon." He sneers. " A smell can make you kill your mother. Your a gun, and you even have a trigger. So I find it funny that you even tried to act like a human. with reation ships and, friends."

Damn it ! i think he's right . I'm nothing but a killing machine. I'm not a person. Vegeta, and Emma were right.

"Don't worry. " He grins . " I have some people here to keep you company. Those that your you , and your father have sent to me. Soon he'll come looking for you. That is when I'll capture his soul. Then The X-men will journey here to free him, and soon thier souls will join him. I'll keep you as a pet your slashing the denziens of my domain amuses me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "

Logan if you read this don't come looking for me. I'm nothing anyway.

Dam ,Even if you dont think you are worth saving the X-men are gonna give HELL...HELL.Noone is JUST a weapon .*cooltopten gets on the phone* "send in the troops!!"
Nothing but a weapon? last time I checked weapons couldn't feel emotions? Let alone rage and sadness.
Don't worry, we'll bring a lot of body bags with us.

Not that we'll need them. Everybody in hell is already dead, right?
I am coming
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