Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Journey to the center O' hell Finale.

When I finally caught up ta the rest O' the X- Men they were already stormin' the gates wit' Hellstorm. I ain't sure if we're helpin' the good side here or not, but then again, it's the side that didn't use Laura as bait so it's good enough.

" Nice of ya to show up Da? " Pitor yells. " It is time for the Fastball Special? no?" Ya know I really hate it when he does the Fastball Special Without warning . because I really ain't sure what he was aimin' at.

I end up goin' through the flamin' castle, or whatever the place Satan lives is.
After clearin' the cobwebs in my head,from goin' through stone. I'm jumped mess o' demons. So after slashin' 'em up. I was a little lost.

Ya see since I didn't really get ta talk to anyone before bein' tossed like a ragdoll at who knows what I ain't really sure what the plan here is. Aw well I'll just follow evreyone else an slash whatever ain't an X-man or don't look human.

Ya know these guys look like they die, but can ya really die in Hell? Where do ya go If ya die in Hell New Jersey? The DMV? Ok This ain't the time ta a really think about that.

I find evreyone but metal head, aka Colususs in some kinda main throne room. Lucifer , am Hell storm , fightin' each other wit' pitch forks. Chuck blastin' demons in the hover chair. Bobby complainin'while freezin' groups o' demons.

Angel freakin' out a bunch O' 'em just by lookin' like 'imself. Makin' a lot O' em run away. Emma was turnin, On a bunch then hittin' 'em with Mind zaps or beatin' em down in diamond form.

Beast was bouncin' around and throwin' out them them ten dollar words. Gambit was runnin' away yellin' "Not the face. " While Cyclops was in a corner somewhere in the Fetal position.

I caught up ta Laura as we did the bezerker rage thing. While I think The boy HS ( Who came with Ghost Rider.) Was all bothered by seein' her in the throes O' the rage. At this moment Satan grabs her.

" Alright! Evreyone back off or the girl gets it ! "

" What are you watching old movies now ? Who says that anymore? " Iceman quips. Don't worry I'll put an end to this. " He makes Ice forms underneath the fallen angel's feet, makin' im' slip towards this nasty lookin' giant portal in the floor.

The demon sneers. " Snow covered freak! You almost made me fall in the Nexus of realities! We could have been lost forever there!" As ol' Scratch tried to get up a card thrown by Gambit. ( Who had his eyes closed by the way.) Knocked'im and Laura even closer. to it.

Hellstrom and Ghost Rider Look at each other. " What do I care about the girl any way? If father is gone from this realm It'll be mine. "

And the Rider, just screams " Satan will pay for turning me into this! " I tackle Hellstorm before he can blast his trident, and slam 'im into Ghost Rider. So now I have to wrestle wit' them.

While some O' the X-men finally pull 'em offa me. The Lord o' Darkness grins walkin' away from the potral with Luara. bitin' and clawin' him, until Cyclops blasts 'im in the thing.

" Scott!" Chuck yells.

" What thought we were supposed to be sending over into that?"

" No Scott!"

Laura had caught the edge with her claws and was tryin' to pull her way back to saftey with the Devil tryin' to climb over her. Hs Runs over to this scene. an tries to free Laura, only to be grabbed by his daddy.

"All this is your fault Boy! Perish! In the inbetween of all that is!"
So I'm runnin' and catch the two kids while tryin' push Ugly in with the bottom O' my foot.

This ain't workin' An' I feel myself fallin' in. Luckliy Pete finally made it here, and grabbed me.

" X- men fire on Lucifer!" Orders Chuck. After Hellstorm, an' GR join in Lucifer finally goes inta the pit. While me and the Ruskie pull the kids to saftey. Now we all stare at Damian Hellstorm. Not sure if we'll have ta fight him now or not.

"Well? demands Laura. " Aren't you going to give HS his soul back?"

" He would still be a threat to me...."

" Oh! Your going to honor your deal alright!" A feminine voice. from the nowhere commands. We all turn on this to see this lady.

Lady Death? Hellstorm questions. "What are you doing here? "

The woman sneers . " As if mortals being used as pawns in a coup of Hell wouldn't attract my attention? Especially these mortals. You had already entered into a verbal contract. HS' Soul in exchange, for the X-men's aid, and you get Laura Kinney daughter Of James Howlett or Logan. Or is she was once called Talon, alias X-23's soul if HS ever tires to take Hell from you , am I correct?"

" Yes your honor." The Son of Satan admits.

She glares at the new hell lord. "Do we really need to have a trial here? Or will you just give HS' soul back?"

The half demon waves at HS. And he's set on fire.

" My brother is now whole , as was the agreement. " Hellstorm declares.

Another voice comes from the one of the of the portals. It was Mephisto's " The X-men are mine! I lured them down here!"

Death shakes her head. " Did you actually get any member of the X-men to willingly give you thier souls?"

" No. " The demon lord said flatly.

" You know the rules, Mephisto. They are free to go ." She gestures and and next thing I know we're at the mansion at Westchester.

Ice man shouts."Yes I'm gonna totally take a cold bath! With packs of ice added! Underneath an air conditoner!"

HS. looked over to Laura. " You risked you soul for me?"

" You did the same for me. " She shrugged.

" Does this mean we're back together?"

" Let's take it one step at a time." Laura answers.

They are about to kiss when I put my hand in between them .

" Uggh! I just put my tounge on Demon blood! " spit's Laura.

" Bleh" Hs Gags. " I don't even want to know what I tasted on my side!"

" HS go home! Laura go to yer room!"

I need a cold brew.

Meanwhile Lucifer falls out of the Nexus of reality. " Earth Realm?

"Good! There shall be a recokoning for my humilation! A painful reckoning!"

"A painful reckoning" Now that sounds like its gonna hurt.
ps lady death looks scary *shivers*
Wolvie, I was just wondering if we could talk about Laura. It's nothing bad, I sad to hear about Angus's death by the way.
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