Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Journey to the center O' Hell Part 1

Yeah I Got mad at Aoc . C'mon we all went over the finish line at the same time. and if Simon didn't have it in fer me it woulda been me who got the win.

Bleh. Whatever Chuck thought he could keep me asleep. yeah Flamin' right he I guess he fergot about all the mental blocks Weapon X put inta this ol' Canuckle head. Yeah I went out fer like a minute, then I was up again ready ta give someone a piece O'my claws.

Then the phone rings.

" Yeah? Whattya want ?" I growl.

" Hey this is Fade."

" I know who it is bub, I got caller Id."

The kid seemed shocked by that. " I know where HS And Laura are could you meet me at Clover Heights? "

" That the joint ya live at wit' Parker? ain't it? Yeah I'll be there in a few. "

When I get there I leap as high as my legs'll take me. Then I use my claws ta climb the rest O' the way. Yeah I know I coulda' took the elevator , This way is quicker an' more fun.

Ya know ya never know what yer gonna see in people's windows. Like this.

Now that puny little geek Parker, is, and his model wife are havin' a 3 way? While my gil ain't even gonna hear O' it. Flamin' injustice. Then i see Parker come out like this an' all is right wit' with the world.

I really hope the pajama bottoms with the skirt , with the tap dancin'shoes is his new costume. So I can laugh at him in the next New Avengers meeting.

When I get up ta the, Roof I find the Irish Kid talkin' to himself. Not only that I smell two scents comin' from 'im. One O' them is bad news. I pop my claws. " Didja have anything ta do with Laura beun' missin'? " I ask.

" No." The kid said his Irish accent missing. " But this little freak knows exactly where she is. "

The smell O' Brimstone, comes up behind us. I turn ta see this normal lookin' man.

Though I ain't ever seen this person before the smell tells me all I need ta know. " Mephisto!" I leap at the demon, but get some hellfire fer my trouble.

" Logan Logan, Logan, why do you keep trying to hurt me? You know it's Futile! But if you want to try again, I invite you into my realm. I think that little pathetic imp can get you there. Your daughter will keep me company until you can arrive. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

He vanishes in a puff of smoke. Damn it normally I would just go in , not carin' about the consequences, but this time Laura's life is at stake , I may have ta set up a lil' surprise fer Mephisto.

Nice ...pajama bottoms with the skirt and tap dancin'shoes .Perhaps he was dreaming of being a women tap dancer & was sleep walking and got dressed up :/
Trouble with a demon? I recommend that you take him to court. Have Lady Death preside, she just may rule in your favor!
I should try using the outside of buildings more often. You see the most amazing things. And I don't mean Spider-Man.
Cool: Parker's weird .

Jon: Possibly

Chuck: One O' the reasons I do it.
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