Friday, March 16, 2007


journey to the center O' Hell part 2

So Fade left lookin' fer HS. Eh. Good I don't wanna have ta be a part O' rescuing that punk. Lil' freak thinks he's entitled ta things just because he had 'em all handed to'im. Laura actually showed some brains, kickin' him to the curb.

There I am starin' off at Mephisto. I growl" It's adamntium tastin' time Bub!" I charge the freak. He gestures, An' I'm covered in fire. Next thing I know a bunch o' my Ol Sparrin' partners attack me, The Dark Riders Cylla, A bunch O' others.

Weird I notice Cyber ain't among 'em. What he get thrown inta loser hell? While these shades O' past enemies rip and tear at me Mephisto looks over ta the cage where Laura is bein' held.

" This is what love gets you. Pain. You see the feeling you had for my nephew aren't real just a chemical reaction. when the chemicals are gone 'love' fades. All this pain Logan goes through? It's your fault!

I tear through the bodies, O' my ol' enemies. " That was fun. Got any more? or should I just take Laura outta here."

The demon grins. " You know your always bragging that pain is an old friend of yours. I think it's time to get reacquainted with your greatest meetings with it. "

Next thing I know I'm a little kid again, an' my dad was just shot by Thomas Logan. I'm mad I feel this tearin' in my hands. Next thing I know Thomas Logan is dead, His son that pervert Dog, just had his face torn open, an' my life will never be the same again. James Howlett died that day , and Wolverine was born.

My journey don't stop there, no I get to relive accidently killin' my first love Rose. Then years later Sabertooth killin' Silver Fox.

After that I get ta visit the Beatin' Sabertooth put on me the first time. The next moments are visits all Over my life. Some fun stops are Cyber killin' another girl I was inta , than rippin' out my eye then I took an extended time in the Weapon X project.

Then the fun O bein' crucified by the Reavers.

Then havin' My Adamantium pulled out. Next thing I know the Hulk is tearin, me apart.

Why Mephisto, kept me at the one time Batgirl supposedly beat me up is beyond me . I mean that was kinda fun except I ain't got Deathstroke's pedophile thing. But hey look me up in a couple O' years Darlin'.

Yeah I know I'm wit. Shi , an all, but I'm naturally a pessimist. We'll either breakup, or she'll be killed. Just how my life goes. Any way after goin' on "this is yer life here. I went into a bezerker rage.

He just blasts me with hellfire. " Well that was entertaining." He laughs. " Now go into your cage, next second, he's zapped by an Optic Blast. Well looks like Scott is in "Butch Mode " today.

" This is my lil' surprise fer ya Bub! " I grin as The X-men all attack.

" This just means can claim their souls sooner.!" the Hell lord brags.

I clap Hank On the shoulder. " good work Bub I knew ya can make that Astral Plane Portal get here."

" Well yes , and no, we had to have someone put a spell on it to allow it to give us entry." Beast explains.

" Who Doc Strange?" I ask. " I knew him joining up wit' the New Avengers would be a good thing."

" No. " Beast stammers. " Someone else."

" Aw no don't tell me!" But the sounds of a motorcycle engine confirms it Johnny Freakin' Blaze Better known as ..

Ghost Rider... Great just Flamin' great!

I do not think such things
I was just hoping that Laura and I would have something special
I'll admit Ghost Rider isn't my first choice for an ally . . well, he's not my second or third choice either, but what are you going to do? Strange and I had a bit of a falling out over that Civil War thing.
Seriously? Leave Hs in Hell. I'll pay you.
Hs: yeah ya do. I know it bub. Somthin' special eh? lemme guess in yer pants right?

Chuck: yeah great.

Really Yamcha how much we talkin,?
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