Saturday, March 24, 2007


Journey to the Center O'Hell pt 3

Well the fight was goin' about as well as can be expected against someone who fought Silver Surfer to a stand still. Bit us X-men where actually doin' a pretty good job Because Mephisto kept gettin' distracted by that screamin' idiot Ghost Rider.

Then while he was gettin' thrashed we'd jump Mephisto. O' course he'd recover , and we gota do it all over again. Until he was suddenly blasted and disappeared. We all turn . on the blaster, Damion Hellstorm.

" Hellstorm our thanks.." Chuck starts .

" I didn't do this for you Xavier. Just letting my uncle know who's the new top dog.That and offer you a deal, Help me route the last of my father's defenses , and I'll send you home."

" Woo Hoo!" Iceman shouts in the back.

"Wait a minute!" Laura Growls after I cut her outta the cage, and avoidin' the regenerating Mephisto flesh. " What about HS' soul? We can't just let him keep it. "

The former Defender's eyes turn red. " He has the gift he'll be a threat to me one day I can't allow that!"

She pops her claws " Please! He doesn't want your precious throne just to live on Earth."

" What are you willing to bet on that little girl ? Your soul? "

" I don't have a soul." She mutters.

" Ha! Mephisto did a number on you " Hellstorm laughs. " Yes you have one, I can see it. But fine If you people help me I'll give HS' soul back as long as he never tries to unseat me. But if he ever comes for me not only is his soul forfeit so is yours!"

Before I can shut her mouth she says "Fine! I'm probably going to Hell anyway!"

He opens a portal, Go through there, and retrieve my love sick brother, Wait! what is the meaning of this Vulcan!"

" Don't address a god in that term Son of Satan I came here to bring sad tidings the boy known as Fade, along with the demon that posses him have been slain by your father."

I see tears Come down Laura' cheek. "I may have lost Angus, I'm not losing HS!" She's about to go through the portal, when I knock her out.

" Ya ain't goin' anywhere girl." I throw her at Gambit. " Make yerself useful fer once And take her with ya, and Hellstorm I'll be gettin' the dumb kid out." I do a double take. " What the Flamin' hell happened to yer hair Bub?" When he starts to talk with that extremely fake French accent O' his I stop 'im . " Never mind I don't wanna know. I jump through the portal, and And I hear someone behind me.

" Ghost Rider what are ya doin?"

" I'm going to help you."

I roll my eyes . " God it's the 90's all over again. "

" Hey that was Dan Ketch not...."

"I don't care!" I interrupt.

On the way there is a door, and like a dummy I open it. The Sentry jumps out an' yells " I have the powers of a thousand exploding suns in my pants!" he starts dancin' and begins a strip tease. I slash his chest , and it turns into a demon.

" What was that ?" The Rider asks.

" A reenactment O' the worst Avengers meetin' in history. That's Sentry on Ginger ale I 'd hate ta see him drink a beer. "

" That's the reason I ain't never joined the Avengers" He laughs.

" Yeah that's the reason." I snort.

He's jumped by a bunch O' demons. " Go On get the Kid I'll be fine leave me!" He shouts.

" No Problem." I mumble.

I find the boy in human form, and some demon chick lookin' at me strangely.

" Where's the girl? Why are you here? You Fool! You've ruined everything I was going to make a potion from her blood!"

I show her my fangs. " I'm so glad ta mess up yer lil plan then darlin."

" Kill you!" she declares shooting hell fire at me. I dodge it. Duck some magic sword she tries to use on me. I stab her in the guts . She tries some spell, an' I kick 'er in the mouth before she finishes it.

She heals up. ans skewers me with her blade , I heal as well. " Looks like we're at a stalemate Darlin'."

A chain forms around ' er body. The Ghost rider pulls her over to him. " Satanna ."

" Zarathros?"

" Half of me. Look into my eyes, and feel the pain of all your victims!"

She screams, and slumps down. I go over ta Hs and slash his chains off . " Hey rookie! rise n' shine!"

" Your not Logan. Your another one of the punishments here.

I smack him one. " Believe I'm Logan now dummy?"

He glares. "Yeah."

" Good now ya got two choices, I can knock ya out , an, drag ya outta here, or ya can walk. Which one is it gonna be?" he gets up , an starts followin' me. " Good choice." I grin.

Now Logan, you and Ghost face are going to come in special toy sets (batteries not included). You'll see. As long as it's marketable, Marvel will sell it.
*sniff* I just love happy endings.
Robin: great.

Chuck : i guess.
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