Monday, July 09, 2007


Goin' back home.

I track down Shred head after he teleports away. Looked like The Joker had killed some O' his ninjas. I was ready ta send him ta them. I found him bein teased by Elektra and Deathstroke.

Afrter they leave ta commit some petty crimes I corner Sakai. " Well bub. Looks like ya need ta get ready ta go ta Throwdown Town."

" I think not. We'll finish this later when I'm ready Logan!" he used the damn teleporter again, and this time I couldn't find the flamin' Bastard. Oh well I guess it's good ta get outta the city O' disfigured maniacs, And people who dress up like big rodents.

So I end up back home at the good ol' X- mansion be it ever strange. Gaia is runnin' around talkin' about how Kurt got arrested again, he really needs ta stop stalkin' young girls.

Fer some reason Bobby Drake is complainin' about sleepin' with Mystique. I don't get that boy, he complains about not gettin' any, then he later complains about who he's gettin' it from.

And O' course Scott bein' Scott. I gotta bunch O' tapes O' the last episodes O' Last Gladiator Standin' two, An' I'm a gonna watch'em With a pack O' cigars, some good brew and sevreal cans O' pringles this is gonna be fun. Oh Look at that, this is my 99 th post on this blog. Looks like as good as reason as any fer a party eh?

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