Saturday, August 04, 2007


I don't need this.

So what? I flamin' killed Sabertooth with a magic sword I had made to just in case I went too far one day. The bastard deserved it after all he's done. But some O' the X-men won't stop buggin' about it, Because he was "one O' us."

Ya know what? No . He wasn't. Even if he was it as like a flamin' week. Whatever so havin ta deal with this crap. This disgustin' pink thing jumps inta room and starts strippin'.

Then these fan boys started ran in, and started tellin' me how I could never beat Trunks Or Goku? What the Flamin? I there anybody watchin' the flamin gate? I mean How do these people get in?

Any way there is no flamin way I'm dealin' with this. i Called blink And got her to get rid O' them. I mean if Chuck can can constantly use her as a transport why Not I?

Ya Know I know Veg head sent those freaks. I'm gonna have ta think O' something' to get him back for that.

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