Thursday, August 09, 2007


Kids are freaky.

As was mentioned on Chuck's blog, I'm bein sued because some kid got all horny lookin' at one O' my comics.

What the flamin? The issue in question was number #55 (Shouldn't I be on about number hundred or 200 somethin' by now? Stupid marvel. ) Any way I read the issue I can't find one flamin' thing that was sexy about it.

What's worse they told about how I killed Sabertooth pretty much right but they said I was evolved from wolves or some crap. Fer the record I'm a mutant, just like every other mutant. I ain't evolved from dogs.

So after readin' that I called Marvel ta complain, and ya know what they told me? " You've fought Sabertooth like 500 times now. we wanted make this one more interesting Logan, So we took some creative licence.

" Ya mean ya lied." I growl.

After that they put me on hold. I threw the phone inta the halls. It bonked Angel in the head. ever since then he's been singin' I'm a little teapot.
I think I broke him.

Ok Back to the lawsuit seems some kid's mom caught 'im touchin' himself to the comic. And they are blamin' me. Sorry but it ain't my fault that our kid is a weirdo. I mean really what's so Flamin' sexy about this?

Whatever I'm callin' my lawyer. Freak kid ain't gettin' a dime offa me.

If you're not evolved from a dog, then how come you're always sniffing butts?
What some people choose to do with their comics should be kept quiet, and out of the courts....
Hey, I resent that comment, Jon. I mean, we canines might have problems with fleas, but that's about it.

As for the comic, it's gory, not sexy...stupid kid...
Jon: What me ann' Jean Grey do ain't supposed ta be talked about.

Spider-Man No kiddin'

Flik Sivrak : Ya that kid needs ta skip the lawyers an' see a psychatist.
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