Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm Leavin'!

Some ol' Buddies of mine in the CIA told me Ana was kidnapped By Weapon X. They said they thought she was pregnant , Though I wouldn't doubt it's with Bats' kid.just in case I caught a flight to Canada I found' er And started killin' any thing that threatened her. Some weirdo with no face kept tryin' to restrain me.

“Look pal keep this up and the next Question’ll be arms or legs Bub!" I knock Weirdo offa me and am about ta skewer 'im when this dude pops up in fronta me.

After he punches me through wall I think I recognize him, the saiyan with the Japenese name. “You won't hurt Question even if he does talk about weird things!"

I look around and See that the saiyan is joined by Supergirl in a black costume and Spider- Man? I smell him and yeah it smells like Parker. But he don't seem ta reconize me. “Why are you smelling me dog boy?"

“What are ya doin' Spider-Man?"

“I’m not Spidey I'm the Scarlet Spider!"

I roll my eyes “great they made another one. "

After I hear that other mutants have been captured and are bein' expiremented on here I help this freak brigade free 'em. But at some point Ana is slashed by A sabertooth wanna be it doesn’t really hurt her. but this device falls offa her and suddenly she don't smell so pregnant anymore.

It's a trick probably ta get me here. “It’s all some kinda trick!" I scream at her. " What the did Bats think it was funny? "

“You don't under stand..." She starts.

“And I don't care ta. I'm outta here."

“Going back to Wanda?" She sneers.

" Ya gave up on us first with the Bat Darlin'!" I respond.

“I never slept with Batman!"

I pop my claws " Don't lie and lose my number while yer at it.” I cut through the walls of the complex until the cold wind hits my face. I hear from a few rooms back " So are we gonna get everyone out and blow up this place?"

Supergirl scolds. " Goku be quiet. Can't you see Shi's hurting?"

Screw it I'm goin' back to the X-mansion. bein' back in my home country and at Weapon X reminded me of one thing, I'm better off alone.

no one is better off alone and deep down you know this
Is Scarlett Spider wearing the ripped up hoodie?
Hey glad you left her. Ana will be easy to get back now... She always was more vulnerable after a break up...
Im Ba,ack!
Now if I'm correct, Quicksilver likes Wanda but those feelings are not mutual.

I'm just gonna guess that leads to a little bit of angst, reckless behaviour and family issues.
November Rain: Nope I'm better off alone, just been deludin' myself all this time.

Jon: yup

Daredevil: Do what the hell ya want, i'm past carin'.

Kody: Welcome back Bub.

Natasha: GRRRRRR

Vincent: That does explain a few things
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