Sunday, June 01, 2008


Back on Earth.

Chuck's safe now. so I'm Goin' Back ta Earth. Ya see, I saw I saw Ana's ghost.

Since we ain't doin' anything but sittin' around I decided to get an escape pod and take it back ta Earth. I didn't tell Wanda or nobody, especially since Wanda would have a jealous rage, and I'd spend the rest O' the day as a dog or somethin'.

Me I ain't really gotta a lot of experience wit' the whole supernatural, and just plain weird. Though every once in a while it seems this kinda stuff finds me. Nah what I need is someone crazy enough to believe all O' this crap.

An' that faceless weirdo the Question is about as crazy as ya get. Last time I heard he was in Gotham, don't know if that's still true or not. But I gotta an idea about how ta see if he's there.

After landin' outside O' Gotham I ditch the X-threads an' put on normal clothes. I'd rather not run inta the Big Black Bat this time around. Fer a second I thought I saw'im but it was some weirdo.

He put on a skull mask over his other mask,

What's he supposed ta be? Skull faced red slash guy? Maybe it’s the Punisher in a goofy new outfit. Most likely though it's one O' Bats' weirdo rouge's gallery. I ignore it an' rent a bike.

After sneakin' through the Gotham Police Dept. I change the Bat signal inta somethin' that'll attract the one I'm lookin' for.

I sit waitin' fer a flamin' half hour I finally just accept he ain't showin' up. I throw my cigar away and notice that the smoke around here is way to much fer a stogie.

“What the Flamin?" I exclaim.

“Good Question." A voice announces from the smoke. “Now I have a Question for you you’ve seen Shi haven't you?"

"Yeah now what's the next move?" I query.

“That is the Question." I roll my eyes this may have been a bad idea.

all I need is the heart and you can join us
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