Saturday, July 12, 2008


Round 2.

Continued from here.

Ya know this stuff really grinds my gears. Lady Death used the two halves O' Ana’s heart to bring two aspects O' her personality ta fight each other, Ana and Shi.

“Course The Samurai beat the Holy Hell Outta the art dealer."

“So faceless ya got any ideas?" I growl at Question.

“I only have questions not answers."

“Yer flamin' useful bub." I snort." Wait a second; did ya see the other Ana use any Qi moves?"

Ana Holds my hand, “Just go leave me here Logan! Save yourself!"

Question interrupts. “My studies suggest that one must be spiritually strong to use qi, I doubt a soul that is in servitude could do that."

“How do ya explain Vegeta, that boy ain't spiritually strong." I contradict.

“He’s not human either." The Question uh... answers.

“Darlin’ can ya use yer energy?" I Ask

Lady Death demands. “Can we get this over with? Are you lovebirds gonna to chat all day?"

Ana looks up. “I’ll try."

Shi, and Ana walk into the middle of the ring, Shi charges, and Ana Puts up her hands her an invisible energy wave knocks Shi into the wall. “Yeah that’s the way Darlin'!"

Question shakes his head as Lady Death uses a time out. “That’ll only work once Logan. Shi will know it's coming next time."

"Damn it." I mutter.

“You think you're clever Runt." Lady Death smiles. “Even if you somehow win you'll lose Round 3 fight!"

What the flamin does she mean by that?

dont Logan leave me my meories
I saw the upcoming animation of your first battle against the Hulk. I just have one question - do your teeth grow back?
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