Monday, November 10, 2008



Hey I ain't angry anymore. I'm back wit' Ana. So everything is good so I ain't dangerous to be around no more so stop actin' like yer walkin' on eggshells when yer around me....

What the Flamin'? Look I gotta take care O' somethin'. Be back in a second.

What? Everyone knows ya don't mess wit' my breakfast! 'Sides Chuck's fine. It's just a flesh wound. Any way I'll say it again. I ain't dangerous to be around that's just silly.

Chuck has beer with his Fruit Loops too?
You could share the Eggo.

Naw, that just wouldn't work, would it?
Koma: Well congac, but when it's my Froot Loops there's a problem.

Jon: Nope it wouldn't.
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