Friday, February 20, 2009


The search for Laura Finale.

Daiken led me to this base in Canada. I'm still thinking the boy is up ta Somethin' but I smell Laura in there. So I keep sight of the goal, and just remember ta keep an eye on Daiken.

We slash our way through a bunch O' security thugs, and Weapon X Robots the usual stuff.Until this kid popped up.

" Ah Daiken here on his quest to take over Weapon X I guess. Now this is a surprise that Wolverine is with him."

" And should I know ya Bub?" I ask. " besides the fact that ya like ta dress up like Wonder Man?"

I pop my claws , and he's on me in seconds tossin' me across thethe Hall. Daiken tries ta slash him, and smashed inta the floor I sneak up behind him while he's beatin' on Daiken , and slash his back.

My claws don't cut through his skin. I get back handed into a cage.
After healin' and my vision Clears I see who the prisoner Dr. Banner. How the Hell did They get him? Don't matter I know what they're gonna do wit' him make him a weapon .

I cut through the bullet proof glass, letting out tranq gas. Banner was confused as hell about being there.

" Wolverine? What am I? " He was interrupted by Wonder Boy

" You get back in your cell now!"

" Who are you? Where am I?" Banner mutters.

Wonder Boy probably does about the stupidest thing you can do when yer around Doc banner he pushes him. " Get back in your cage or I get rough!"

" Please don't make me angry you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Banner retorts.

" I don't like you now!" Wonder Boy Slaps him. And I get outta there I know what happens next an' it ain't pretty.

Daiken laughs " Why Are you running "pop"? he gets his answer in a few minutes when The Hulk Body slams Wonder Boy through the wall next ta him. The Wonder Boy does somethin' Unexpected. he fires some kinda blast outta his eyes. That looks like it it stuns the green giant fer like a second.

" Now Hulk Mad!" He yells punching Wonder Boy through the roof then turning his attention to Daiken. I run inta the next room before the Hulk recognizes me , I mean I don't mind throwin' down with the big green monster, but I gotta get Laura outta here so no time fer me ta have fun.

I track her scent down to the end of the corridor where I hear a huge ruckus I go in there expectin' ta see her bein' brainwashes Claws out but what i see is....

She fought her way out on her own I guess she's a chip off the Ol' Cankucle Head. " She looks me over " Why are you here?"

" Well ta rescue you but it looks like ya don't need it." Well I got ya an X-jet back home but we gotta get outta here before the Hulk levels the place. We cut a hole through walls. To the outside, and just as we leave the area in the X-jet the base collapses like a house O' cards.

I would worry about Daiken but since he's gotta Healin' Factor like mine , and probably some sinister motive I won't.

You'd think that since Wonderman is in Hollywood and all his styles would be a little more with it. Red safari jacket? Shirt with a 'W'? El Lamo.
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