Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The search for Laura pt 1

Like me Laura likes ta go missin; fer a a few days or so. but usually she at least calls. To paraphrase Parker " My trouble sense is tinglin'." I hate West City i hate that flamin' ape king who runs around like a little tin god. But I gotta. Because Laura was last seen around Iron Man - Lite.

Ya know at times like this I kinda wish I was still on the Avengers team with Ironman , and not the one with Bucky Barnes. So he it woulda been better for Stark to deal with his alternate Universe self.

Because As soon As I saw him when I exited the X-jet in and I saw legacy savin' some people I jumped Iron Lad.

" Where's Laura ya tin plated copy?" I shout.

I get pulled off by the Batkid, and the Saiyan boy.

"I could have stopped him my self it's just Wolverine." Iron Lad States.

" Arrogant little jerk!" I growl. " Where is Laura?"

" We haven't seen her since the fight with the vampires a while back Mr. Logan." The Blue haired girl shrugs.

" And ya didn't look fer her? Stupid kids! Show me where this fight was!"
After they take me there they ask if they can help " I think ya've done enough get outta my sight!"

I sniff around though it's been a few days ,there's still some scents left. Last place I catch Laura's there was signs of a struggle wit' somethin' strong real strong.

A familiar voice comes outta nowhere. " Weapon X has her."

" How very convenient that ya flamin' show up ta tell me that Daiken."

He grunts. " You're pretty easy to track must be slipping in your old age father."

" Pull the other one bub." I relax retractin' my claws if Daiken is settin' me up for a trap then walkin' inta it maybe the only way ta save Laura. " Fine Bub tell me what ya know."

" No Father I'm going to show you I know where they are holding my siser, and We're both going or you're not going at all."

"Oh yeah this ain't a trap." I think sarcastically but whatever when it's sprung we'll flamin' see who's trapped.

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