Tuesday, September 15, 2009


X-23: Gettin' Dragonballs

Ever since runnin' into that zombie Inertia, I've been sorta haunted by his ghost ya see I could see him whisperin' into the zombies era as strange as that sounds, then again evrey thin' when you're with the X-men is pretty flamin' strange.

Anyway he's nice to talk to after he gets past all the arrogance an' bluster. That , and he can’t touch me which always annoyed me when ever he I met him before.

He's pretty lucky I didn't claw him to death when he pulled that crap , but now after talkin' and realilizin' we're a lot alike, I wanted to help Vella bring him back which is how I ended up at the Henchman union sneakin' around with miss chatter box.

Ya see in that game show World's Strongest Henchman one of the challenges was to get the Dragon Balls. They apparently can grant almost any wish So here we were tryin' to sneak around while Vella was talkin' away about this , and that I guess with all the ten dollar words she knows she didn't have the time to look up "stealth".

" And when Nekron was defeated I gave the Black Lantern Inertia some of my ki to keep him alive..."

" Wait say that again." I can't help when Vella goes on, and on I tune out. sometimes I really can see why my Old Man doesn't get along with hers.

" I um helped the Black Lantern Inertia stay alive?" She questions.

"Damn it Chatterbox! Ya let a souless Black Lantern live? Those things eat people's hearts! Besides didn't a lot of them come from the dead for real?"

Vella shrugs " Some of them did, not all of them though and it looked Inertia was going to be one of the ones to die again."

" But if ya knew we were goin' for these Dragon Balls. It wouldn't have mattered if he was dead or not we'd be bringin' him back! For someone so smart you can be dumb."

She sighs “It was my fault he died in the first place I didn't want to see it happen again okay?"

I look down. “Yes I can understand that."

“What are you talking like Mister Logan?" She asks finally,

“What like you don't talk like Vegeta sometimes?"

“Bah! I do not!" She growls and gives me a Bulma face.

" Heh it's a good thing she's cute Inertia’s ghost quips. I grin. I think Batgirl's cuter myself." I smirk. Leaving a confused look on both their faces. Vella because she can't See or hear thad, And tad's at my comment. " thouh I wouldn't kick outta bed either..." I keep grinnin'

" Who are you talking to Laura? " Vella asks.

Before I can answer a bunch O' henchmen surround us yup all this jawin' attracted just like I thought it would. Some freak called the Gibbon attacked me.

he reminds me of a flamin' sesame Street character, I hated that show. I maul the freak, and barely dodge the Rhino who's flyin' past my head. Ya know I forget just how strong the Chatterbox really is I’d better keep on her good side. I don't wanna get ripped apart like her dad did to mine.

All the strong henchmen gang up on Vella I could feel pretty bad, escept well I get to take out a few and somehow Tombstone got captured by By a green teddy bear construct from Vella's ring it was ticklin' him for cripes sake.

“Tell me where the Dragon Balls are and the tickling stops." She says as she round house kicks some big guy called the ox.

" We used one wish, and sold the next one Hahahaha! We don't know where they are Hahahaa!" Tombstone admits. Too bad he wasn't lyin' either.

“Now what?" I ask the blue haired girl.

“Close your eyes SOLAR FLARE!" For a second she glowed brightly blinding' all the Henchmen, and grabbin' me we flew out of the building too bad I wanted to fight that Henchman guy my dad used to fight. ah well.

She takes something out of her pocket that looks like one of those old timey watches. As soon as she pushes a button it makes this pingin' sound. “The Dragonballs are about a hundred miles from her it won't be long now."

" If ya had that thing why didn't ya use it to find them in the first flamin' place instead O' fightin' with the Henchmen?" I growl.

“I thought I knew where they were!" she protests.

I just sigh . I see this ...thing in the skies over us.

“Uh oh Shenron's been summoned!" Vella gasps.

Before I can say anyting we're right next to thing. And we see her older brother standin' a few feet from the dragon but the guy has no scent.

“You’re my brother's Doppelganger!" Vella challenges.

“Oh Little sister I'm glad I get to see you one last time before I wipe out my own existence."

" Huh?" She asks Not that it matters he's bad, he's somethin' that can bring unlimited power that's all I need to know. I pop my claws, and attack he blasts me in the chest.

" Shenron! Hear my wish!" He shouts “I wish for you to erase Vampirella's and Mirai's relationship from the time line!"

" What that makes no sense!" Vella yells, and I agree with her.

“It’s the ultimate revenge on Justice! She'll remember the family she had but they won't! They'll see her a psychopath, and a pretender, meanwhile I'll never have existed because Mirai will never be disappointed he will never have a slut daughter! Finally Trunks, will never die in the fight with the Corru, neither will Bra, Vincent. Or Cassandra Cain! You won't have to have your life of exploring, and adventure taken away from you to be Queen of Saiyans Vel. I do this for my family!"

The dragon's boomin' voice yells " Your wish is granted!"

The Evil Mirai Laughs. “This time good has truly won! Bite on it Justice!"

And this wave of energy passes over us.And... Well I can't remember we were here fightin' someone for the Dragonballs but I can't remember who for some reason, All I know is those things are now flyin' off in different directions and somehow i get the feeling it's Vella's fault.

Not that I don't have time to yell at the chatter box Because the Phoniex flys in fron to us."

“What do ya want Grey?" I snort. I 've never liked this woman the way she leads on dad.

“I’m sorry to say your father's dead Laura, I just fished his bones out of the sun."

I don't believe it I cuss Jean out and next thing I know she teleports us to the x-mansion where all that's left is metal bones laying on a bed. My older brother Daken laughin, like this is some kinda comedy.

“Too bad I didn't do this my self ! I don't know whether to kiss Vegeta or kill him!"

I growl at him, and Vella I know it ain't her doing but still her dad killed mine!

“Um He's not dead." She smiles. His ki is strong, and getting stronger.

" Listen to the little bimbo." a way too familiar voice pipes in but it can't be Dad Chopped his head off. I turn around and it is Sabertooth.

" I'll take more that that to kill Logan Just like it'll take more'n my head bein' sliced off to end Ol' Vic." He looms over the Skelton. “Hey Jimmy I know ya can hear me when ya heal I'm gonna pay ya back fer the sword thing. I'm gonna slice up up yer little clone girl, then I'm gonna take out yer Nancy boy son, but not with all these X-men around naw I'm gonna wait tll I can get 'em alone ya can't watch them all the time Jimmy then I'll take ya down and beat on ya just like I used to it's gonna be a nice little reunion."

Then the weird thing happened to of dad's claws on his right hand retracted leavin' the middle one givin' Creed the finger.

Sabertooth laughs and glares at me “Maybe I'll visit that Devil Boy ya used to be sweet on Laura. Haw! Haw!"

What is he talkin' about? Maybe the time his head was off his body damged Creed's brain? I don't know any Devil Boy. Whatever he’s leaves laughin' at what only he finds funny.

Looks like I'm gonna have to be watchin' my back from now on.

So you watch 'Sesame Street'?
yes she does it'e really weird
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