Friday, April 27, 2007


X-23: My first mission as an Outsider.

So 'Wing wants me in this Outsiders group Eh? Ok I'll give it a shot. I dunno, But my little trip ta Hell seemed to up my,along with Nightwing's trainin' upped my confidence.

Though The Boudakai killed any relationship I had with HS. Maybe it's better any way. So a couple O' outsiders were playin' Jenga.

I watched ' em kinda bored. grace yelled out what I was thinkin' " When does the action start?"

" They'll be here!" Boomer reassures. " Now calm down It ain't like we're dealin' with geniuses here. "

I growl I fought that sex bot before she's deceptive. Though I haven't fought her as much as Logan has.Then she busts in on the on us with a big girl , big as in tall, who for some reason smells like a flamin' gorilla.

'Wing is mesmerized by the walkin' love toy , Why ain't I surprised? She stats yellin' at Boomer , callin' him a traitor and all kinds of fun words that well I usually hear comin' from Logan's room and that Shi Woman.

It's kinda funny that Lin Said somethin' about liken' Boomer. Sorry chick But unless ya gotta S on yer chest, and are Blond , And wear the tiniest skirt known ta man ya likely ain't gotta chance.

" Hey! Love doll! " I challenge " Remember me?"

" The nasty little she Wolverine? yeah I remember ! And I'm not love doll! I'm just an artificial person. "

" Yeah An' I ain't a clone I'm an artificially made person. Cut the PC crap!"

" EWWW!" the robot exclaims. " Your even beginning to talk like that runt now. But this is important I have to stop this power plant from being built."

I charge makin' her think I'm gonna attack me old way when she throw a punch i dode goin' fer her innards with my claws,I jump over a kick that would likely take my head off And try a few more times to claw her, Damn It can't get more than a nick or two on 'er. She's inhumanly fast.

Finally she gives up on fightin' me and zaps me with some kinda laser in the chest. I crawl inna corner until My Healin' factor kicks in. I open my eyes when the machine I'm sittng by is torn out by ape smellin' girl.

" You tried to hurt my friend now I'll hurt you! She made the mistake of puttin her face right next to me. Which I obligingly slashed for her. She holds her face Slammin' her big head into the roof.

She tries stompin' me ,and I leap outta harm's way. Do a cartwheel, and jump back after her when I land I cit her Achilles, tendon makin' her hobble around before Grace takes her down with her super strength.

Next I hear this all to familiar "Voip! " turn ta see some girl I don't know, Captain Koma, And Henchman! What is this flamin' ol' home week? Who's next? Magneto? TX?

Hey, I'm male. Pretty things catch my attention. Oh you forgot to mention, unless you've got a blue V on your chest you haven't got a chance with the chick who has an S on her chest, blonde and wears the tiniest skirt known to man.
The Outsiders? That's not one of those cross-over groups is it? Nothing good ever comes of that. For some reasons it always seems to inspire the super-villains to team up.
Nightwing may think with other parts of his anatomy more so than his mind. But at least his has a motivation to fight evil.
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